Hopefully, this page will eventually  have photos and reminiscences from past get togethers, as well as  "where are they now" stories.  So if you got 'em, share 'em!
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So just where are those old timers of Cleveland Chat today, you ask?  Here's what some of 'em are up to in 2005.


Loriteachu -

geez i don't know where to begin..lol...i am still teaching medical assisting however i have been on a long medical leave..i was in the hospital for 10 mos and lost the muscle tone in my legs and i am working on getting that back..the dr says i will be 100% i just don't know when .. in the mean time i have another slight medical problem that is causing me to lose weight very quickly in 6 weeks i dropped 2 sizes in my clothes and even the new ones are getting big already... hhmmmm maybe i will keep this illness a little longer.. lol... on the bettter stuff ... my daughter kayte is now 24 and her baby son is 8 funny but i am still 36...lol.. nnaahh really 45... she is getting married next october and is having a costume ball for a reception... she attended the college i was teaching at and graduated with honors... she is in  a very happy place in life and that makes us all happy ... im not married yet.. hell not even engaged but i do have a special someone that makes me happy... i better stop at that or i could write a book about last 10 yrs.. oh wait ..damn i did .. didn't i ... i hope all is well for every else.. have a blessed day ..


Bash59 -

So how has BASH59 been?
Well, she has had joy and sadness, brought from births and deaths. She lost both parents, and a husband in the new millinieum.She can say she has 3 beautiful grandchildren to bless her life with. 2 granddaughters and a beautiful grandson to spoil!
The grandson is the first male child in 27 years my my how time has flown bye!

How has the personal life been? I can say she is VERY content with that area of her life. She has a VERY special person to share life with...and she enjoys taking care of her home, and being with the FAM!

Now as for all you sisters and brothers of Cleveland CHAT!! I would love to see all of you...and be included in the CHAT BOARD!


Nascar339 -

Ive had 2 surgerys the last year..I had a total knee replaced and had to have surgery on it again..Now Im waiting for a total hip replacement..So Ill be looking forward to hear how others are doing..oh yeah--Im 62 now lol..still fire in the furnance --lmao


Starscr292 -

Thaaaaat's right.....even your site owner was a member of the infamous.....er.....I mean splendiforous Cleveland Chat group :))    Today I'm still the same slightly weird person....only older and ummmmm plumper!  I've been in a very happy relationship for over 5 years and have lived with my spousal equivalent for over 2.  I still think about everyone and when I'm bored I'll cruise through the Profiles to see if any of the old screen names are still around.  I DID say I was slightly weird, right?  :))  While I still see/talk to Perry all the time I've lost contact with alot of the folks who made Cleveland Chat special and I hope this will serve as a vehicle to "visit" with them again.  BTW....does anyone know whatever happened to BadAzz?  I miss the boy.

Cardioffi -

It had been awhile since I visited the Cleveland Chat and tried to pop in one night only to find it no longer existed. Imagine my disappointment. I'm not sure that anyone would remember me but it would be great to hear how others are doing. Since my last visit to the room my career has moved on to Dick's Sporting Goods. Currently I am the Softlines Manager and have been there 3 years. I am married and to the same man from all those years ago..lol There is a new love in my life though and her name is Echo. She's my White German Shepherd of 16 mos. She has a playmate named Salem and he is a black cat. It's all pretty boring but then that is the existence of my pretty humdrum life. Hope all is well with everyone else.

  Wildinnerchild -

 i remember ya all...do u remember me???
i also have had my share of medical intervention...but mine has been very positive thus far...on 7/7/03 i had bariatric surgery and have lost 161 pounds since my wt loss surgery...i look very different and am really happy now with my appearance...i m not a thin teenager...but for 52 yrs old i likin what i see for the first time in 30 some yrs...i know some of u remember me from our get togethers...hope to see ya all soon....cant wait to see everybody and get caught up...cindys



   SweetSoftKiss24 (aka Heaven3669) -

My name is Hope. I use to go in the chat under Heaven3669. I was in the chatroom in 1997. I now moved to Birmingham Alabama and I started a family.

Iridescent -


Hi  GANG...  I have my  fondest memories of the cleveland chat room even  tho I  am not  chatting under  IRIDESCINT anymore.. I am under  ScandaBlonde if  any of you want to chat with me..  I  am no longer with  Dave <BRAINDEADINTHEAM> anymore.. we have gone separate ways.. I am with someone else now..  My daughter is in  college in Washington DC and I am still living in  lakewood..  I occasionally see old  roomies at the outings I  go to  now in the  NE Ohio over  40  room...
Lets talk about going to  Dollys and all the  fun we had up there..  every Thursday and Saturday nights.. I  can still see the  packed walls of that place and the  fun we had with " Elvis" up there...  I will never forget it nor will I  forget the  roomies that I made friends with..   Find me and  lets  chat... 
Moey..  aka  Iridescint  aka  ScandaBlonde




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