Tips for a Safe Halloween!!

(Courtesy of Easter Seals and the National Safety Council)


        COSTUME -

Design the costume so children can easily walk without tripping or entangling feet.

Have children wear comfortable, well-fitted shoes.

All wigs and beards should be designed so they don't get into children's faces, obscuring vision.

Use light colors so children show up at night.  Or, use reflective tape on costumes.

Buy flame retardant costumes or make them from flame retardant material.

Design costumes to expand, so if it's cold, warm clothing can be worn underneath.



Use face makeup rather than masks so children can see easily.

Children can draw pictures of the faces they want parents to design on them.

Apply cold cream base and then design faces with makeup, pencils, lipstick, rouge, blush, eye shadow or clown white.

Types of faces can include witches, goblins, ghosts, pirates, gypsies, clowns, devils, cartoon characters or popular television and movie characters.



Have children carry white shopping bags or use reflective tape design on bag.

Carrying flashlights will help children see better and be seen more clearly.

Make knives, swords or other accessories from cardboard rather than have children carry sharp objects.



Before your children leave, discuss the following with them:  What route do they plan to follow?  What time will they return?  If children are young, who will supervise them?  If children are older, with what companions are they going?



Children should stop only at houses or apartment buildings which are well lit.

Have them go only into familiar neighborhoods.



Children should abide by these rules:  Avoid using bicycles if costumes can get caught the spokes.

Walk on sidewalks, not streets.

Cross busy streets at intersections or crosswalks.

Look both ways before crossing.

Avoid running out between parked cars.

Wait for proper traffic signals when crossing.

If there are no sidewalks, walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic.


    TREATS -

Have children save their candy until they get home so it can be checked before eating.

Give them a meal or snack before going out so they won't be tempted to eat candy before they get home.

Parents should examine all candy.

Discard unwrapped or loosely wrapped items.

Wash fruit and slice it into small pieces, checking for inedible additions.

If anything is suspicious about treats, report it to police.



Keep dogs away from front doors so they won't frighten children.

Keep a light on so it's easy to see steps.

Pick up tools, ladders, playthings or other objects from the yard so children won't trip.

Using flashlights in jack o'lanterns is safer than candles.



Slow down in residential areas.

Obey all traffic signs and regulations.

Watch for children darting out from between parked cars.

Watch for children in dark clothing walking down the road, on the shoulders or on the median.

Watch carefully when backing out of driveways.

If you're driving children, make sure they fasten seat belts.

Have children get out of car on the curb side away from traffic.