The thoughts and writings of Steve Perry.

These poems are dedicated to the many women and friends I have met since my divorce. Thank you all for your inspiration.  

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That's me on the right with my good friend, Dave, who was my neighbor prior to my divorce.  I began writing a year or so ago out of boredom. Most of my work deals with love and heartbreak, joy and pain, because that's what we all go through. Not ALL of them are sad, there's also hopes and dreams here, as well as a few chuckles. All are from personal experience. I'm a carpenter by trade and writing is only a hobby, one that I like to share with people. I hope you enjoy them!



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"To Catch A Dream"

                                 I look for her, to catch my dream,
                                            but it isn't very easy.
                                                  Like the autumn wind that blows the leaves,
                                         her heart is very breezy.

                                            She drifts around without much thought,
                                         it seems, without a care.
                                           I look for her, to make her mine,
                                      but she's never really there.

                                    Do I think she love me?
                                  She always tells me so.
                                     But judging by the way she acts,
                                I may never really know.

                                   Dreams are things born of the heart,
                                  something you must follow.
                                     For if you don't pursue your dream,
                                           your heart may forever be hollow...I love her.

                                         Copyright 1998













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"The Bar Fly"

She surely knows she's pretty,
she's got that on her side.
The men, she knows all want her,
her drunkenness they'll abide.

Just for the chance to sleep with her,
they'll put up with all her shit.
They'll tell her that they love her,
but they want to get laid, that's it.

She revels in her beauty,
it's all that she has to use.
So she heads out to the men,
and has them buy her booze.

She's pretty now so she has her pick,
they want her so she goes.
But they want her for one reason,
she'll take off all her clothes.

But what she never stops to think,
is that one day her looks will fade.
She'll find it increasingly harder,
to go there and get laid.

The sands of time will soon catch up,
but still she'll try her best.
She'll wonder why it's in her drinks,
their money they won't invest.

Her looks, they are all gone now,
her body they don't want.
She has nothing to offer them,
she has nothing to flaunt.

She thinks back to a time before,
as she stares into her beer.
I loved that man, I really did,
so why is he not here?

But she knows the answer to that,
she knows it in her heart.
She took the love he offered her,
and she tore it all apart.

She simply couldn't wait for him,
she needed to get laid.
So he found himself another girl,
and married her instead.

Copyright 1999
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"Blood in the Water"

The rumour mill is running now,
sharks do what they do best.
You thought that they were your friends,
But they've failed a simple test.

Lies will flow from their lips with ease,
as they circle and move in for the kill.
For they smell the "blood in the water,"
if they can hurt you, they surely will.

Do they wonder about those other sharks?
As they watch each other feed.
Do they know that they could be the next?
If the others should feel the need?

There's no loyalty in their feeding ground,
it's only whose blood they smell.
Do they know their turn might come around?
They'll be turned on and given hell.

A shark is just that way it seems,
and it cares not who it attacks.
For sharks are vicious predators,
and they'll bite each others back...can't trust them.

Copyright 1999
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There is no room for "but,"
not when it comes to love.
It's that "I love you, honey,"
not "one of the above."

Others cannot be involved,
no others are in place.
It's only two who are in love,
and sharing the same space.

It can't ever be I love you, but,
it doesn't work that way.
It's just two people who're in love,
and thinking the same way.

It's thinking of the only one,
the one who really counts.
It's pushing others to the side,
your love not to discount.

It's putting someone really first,
not letting others in.
Cause if you let some other in,
the trouble will begin.

The one you love will wonder,
the one you love will doubt.
Things go bad and then you find,
you just can't work it out.

So if you love them tell them,
and show them the best way.
Keep THEM only in your heart,
and tell them every day...I love you.

Copyright 1998
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Sit and talk with me awhile,
and maybe I can make you smile.
It's so important, that we talk,
and maybe even take a walk.

I need to know just how you feel,
and if you just tell me, I'll make a deal.
You tell me your problems, I'll tell you mine,
we'll talk them out, we'll both be fine.

It helps to share with others this way,
it helps us get by from day to day.
To keep things bottled up inside,
to hide the things we shouldn't hide.

To try to keep a lid on your heart,
when the world around you is falling apart.
You best get it over, you best let it out,
out comes the anger, out comes the doubt.

So let's sit awhile and we'll talk it out,
because that's what friends are all friend.

Copyright 1998
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"Compassionate Heart"

It's hard to find a compassionate heart,
someone to help when you're falling apart.
A person that tells you they understand,
who'll come there, sit, and hold your hand.

They look in your eyes and somehow they know,
the way that things are, the way that things go.
They try to help, the best they can do,
their only concern is what's best for you.

They'll cause no harm, they'll cause no grief,
their only concern is that you find some relief.
They'll put you together when you're coming apart,
all because they have a compassionate heart...and you love them for it.

Copyright 1998
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She's beautiful on the outside,
but mixed up from within.
Her life has taken a sudden turn,
and she doesn't know where to begin.

The life she leads is new to her,
she's not sure where to start.
It seems to be a constant search,
to appease her wandering heart.

She looks in the wrong places,
for her this is all new.
At times she gets frustrated,
and doesn't know what to do.

But time is on your side, my dear,
and the healing that it brings.
Time will pass, you'll start to heal,
and life will bring good things.

You need to bring into focus,
just what you have to do.
For your life to start out fresh,
and your future to begin patient

Copyright 1998
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Who the hell do they think they are,
to control your life this way?
They "only want what's best for you,"
that's what they always say.

The truth is simple, plain and clear,
and always it's so true.
They only want what's best for them,
not what's best for you.

They have their own agenda,
if it's not yours, too bad!
As long as it makes them happy,
they could care less if you're sad.

Your life is just a tool to them,
to satisfy their goal.
They don't care about your dreams,
or if your life is whole.

If you spend your life unhappy,
what do they really care?
As long as they are happy,
and you are always there.

You live to serve their purpose,
at least that's what they think.
They don't care about your feelings,
or if they push you to the brink.

They only know just what they want,
and think you're here to serve.
And if you go alone with it,
you'll get what you deserve...nothing.

Copyright 1999
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"The Cowboy"

He looks like a cowboy,
dressed in his boots.
He even has guns,
that he goes out and shoots.

His features are rugged,
he looks kinda lean.
If pushed too hard,
he can get pretty mean.

But there's a different side,
for those who know.
Something inside him,
that's starting to grow.

For the love of a woman,
he started to write.
He writes her love poems,
on into the night.

Because of her love,
he lies on his bed.
Writes her sweet words,
that come into his head.

He writes of the love,
that he feels in his heart.
Of the miles of prairie,
that keeps them apart.

And whether or not
you believe it's true,
your cowboy, your poet,
is coming for you.

Copyright 1999
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There are crossroads in our lives,
many paths that we can take.
The more we pause to give it thought,
the less mistakes we'll make.

You have to take the right ones,
the paths you need to choose.
For if you choose the wrong ones,
there's oh so much to lose.

So stop and think it out, my friend,
there's not much room for doubt.
You choose your crossroads carefully,
and you hope it all works out...think about it.

Copyright 1998
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She looked so pretty,
in her sleek, black dress.
All eyes were upon her,
I must confess.

How could you miss her?
The way that she looked?
Her eyes met mine,
and I knew I was hooked.

But I stood at a distance,
and watched her play.
Giving her room,
so she could have her day.

Her moves were so smooth,
as she seductively danced.
But her eyes met mine,
as we constantly glanced.

I knew that she wasn't,
just what she seems.
The movements of her body,
she takes to extremes.

But she looked so beautiful,
and no man can say,
that watching her dance,
doesn't make their day...ya gotta love her.

Copyright 1998
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We knew it was over,
before the time came.
The love was all gone,
we both felt the same.

"There's no need to argue,
let's just get this done."
I figured it best,
if you don't love someone.

You wanted this thing,
there's no need to fight.
You asked me for this,
so we'll just do what's right.

She wanted to leave me,
I'd done nothing wrong.
Why couldn't she see,
that it was her all along?

I'd treated her good,
and she'd treated me bad.
I tried to make her happy,
and she'd made me so sad.

The kids were beside me,
and they had a choice.
They'd spoken in court,
with a unified voice.

So now she's alone,
thinking, "How can this be?"
Where once there were four,
there are now only three...I'm so sorry for her.

Copyright 1998
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I dream of her,
as I was asleep.
The thoughts of her,
my mind did keep.

I wondered why,
I wasn't there.
Running my fingers,
through her brown hair.

Watching her smile,
as I kissed her face.
Taking in things,
my mind can't erase.

The feel of her skin,
as it touches mine.
So wonderfully smooth,
and oh so divine.

The sound of her voice,
oh so demure.
Something a man,
finds hard to endure.

Is she mine?
I may never know.
She does what she does,
she goes where she goes.

Does she really love me?
I'd like to think.
But she turns and leaves me,
as quick as a blink.

She has yet to pause,
and figure it out.
What true love
is all about...but I love her.

Copyright 1998
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"The English Lord"

If I became an English lord,
I wonder how it would be?
I was born and raised a carpenter,
it would all be new to me!

Would I sit there in my study,
all dressed in my fancy attire?
With my pretty, blue-eyed English lady,
my poems, our love would inspire.

Or would I be out in the stables,
playing poker with the grooms?
Maybe chasing the cook in the kitchen,
'round the table with a broom?

Would M'lady meet me at the door,
in her soft, ladylike fashion?
Would she wrap her arms around my neck,
and give me a kiss full of passion?

Or would she meet me at the door,
and say, "You stupid twit,
next time you come in from the stables,
clean your boots of all that shit!"

Would I drive a brand new Jaguar,
all bright and shiny red?
Or a muddy "four by four,"
with beer cans in its bed?

Would I stand will all the gentlemen,
raise my glass and say, "Here, here?"
Knowing me, I'd be in the stables,
with the grooms, all drinking beer!

Could she take me with my common ways,
our worlds, so far apart?
Could she accept me for what I am,
and love me for my heart?

As I sit here, think and wonder,
about how things could be.
I might be very happy,
with M'lady next to never know.

Copyright 1999
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Shots ring out in the dark of the night,
the people hear them and some take flight.
Fear is abundant, it's always there,
the police are around, but they hardly care.
Who really cares if another one dies?
They're used to the drugs, the death and the lies.
But the mother who's lost yet another son,
cries out in the night, "Dont you care?  Anyone?"
But the faces are blank, apathy's set in,
the shots still ring out, but no one can win.
Life has a value here, the cost of a bullet,
so you'd better beware, don't you ever forget it.
The hope is all gone here, that's understood,
it's just another night here, a night in the "Hood."

Copyright 1999
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Friends are important,
in so many ways.
They help get you though,
those long, lonely days.

Someone to grab you,
when they see you stumble.
A shoulder to cry on,
when they see you might crumble.

A person to talk to,
when you feel troubled.
When you feel like your problems,
have just been doubled.

Someone to laugh with,
when your heart feels light.
Someone to talk to,
on those long, boring nights.

Someone who yells at you,
because they care.
But when you fall,
they're always there.

When differences arise,
they always mend.
Because that person,
is truly a friend...treasure them.

Copyright 1998
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"Get it Right"

Love is such a simple thing,
but you have to get it right.
You have to treat the person good,
to sleep with them at night.

You need to always let them know,
just how much you care.
If you don't and doubt seeps in,
You'd better just beware.

They need to know they are the one,
the one who means some much.
You have to reach and tell them,
with that very special touch.

You need to tell them constantly,
that you really hold them dear.
You have to tell them all the time,
and really make it clear.

That they're the one, there's no one else,
nobody can compare.
That when you're in their presence,
you heart's as light as air.

Then you hold them oh so close,
and you never let them go.
And you then make for certain,
that they always, ALWAYS know...that you love them.

Copyright 1998
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"The Haunting"

I look to the sky,
and what do I see?
Her face in the clouds,
she's haunting me.

I dream of the touch,
of her hand on my face.
Of being together,
in the same place.

I dream of the feel,
of my arm 'round her waist.
Of being with her,
and not feeling misplaced.

I dream of standing,
her hands in mine.
The taste of her lips,
like sweet cherry wine.

I dream of her skin,
against mine in the bed.
I'd not be alone,
but with her instead.

I dream of the feel,
of her soft, small breasts.
As she lies with me,
her head on my chest.

I dream of her body,
so slim and so sleek.
That look in her eyes,
that makes me feel weak.

I dream of our bodies,
joining together.
Of the emotional storms,
we have yet to weather.

I dream of her arms,
'round my neck as I write.
As she sees what I do,
and she laughts with delight.

I wonder at times,
just how it can be.
That for all this time,
she's been haunting me...I love her.

Copyright 1998
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When I saw her face,
I knew it was her.
Everyone around me,
became a blur.

She looked so cute,
just standing there.
The afternoon sun,
shining in her blonde hair.

When I walked up to her,
it was hard to refrain.
The feeling inside me,
was so hard to contain.

I gave her a hug,
her body against mine.
She felt so alive,
she felt so divine.

The look in her eyes,
so innocent and pure.
That innocent look,
that's so hard to endure.

I knew that I loved her,
as soon as we met.
Those wonderful qualities,
a man can't forget.

When I left her that night,
I gave her a kiss.
And I knew that she,
was one woman I'd miss.

But she has her own family,
she has her own life.
And mine is so scrambled,
and so full of strife.

I'm glad that I met her,
of that I am sure.
It's hard to find ,
a woman so pure...I loved her.

Copyright 1998
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"Hidden Love"

We danced the dance we dance tonight,
and again it went all wrong.
Both of us knowing what we want,
we've known it all along.

I wonder why we can't face them,
those feelings that we feel.
Although we know we love each other,
we try to wheel and deal.

You tell yourself you don't love me,
I tell myself the same.
Despite our deep seated feelings,
this has all become a game.

But the truth is always there,
it's always deep inside.
Try as we might to cover it up,
in our hearts, it will always reside.

I love you and you love me,
that's the way it will always be.
We need to stop and face the facts,
then we might both be free...I love you.

Copyright 1999
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In the darkest moments,
of our deep despair.
I look to find us,
but we're not there.

My companion, my friend,
my reason for living.
The woman I gave to,
all the love I was giving.

I can't figure out why,
she treats me this way.
The mistrust, accusations,
she makes day by day.

The things she does,
just to try to get even.
Yet I try so hard,
not to give her a reason.

If only she knew,
what I hold in my heart.
She'd not try to hurt me,
not tear me apart.

The love that I feel,
is so precious and pure.
When she treats me this way,
it's hard to endure.

Why can't she just love me,
and stay close to me?
And find out how special,
love truly can be?

I need her to love me,
and help me be strong.
I need her to know,
it's been her all along.

Why can't she accept,
what I so freely give her?
All the words, all the love,
that my heart can deliver...why?

Copyright 1998
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"Innocence Lost"

When I first met her,
there in my mind's eye.
A vision had formed,
and I'm wondering why.

We see what we want,
we don't look at the bad.
We see only the happy,
we ignore all the sad.

But then something happens,
and soon you find out.
You see what this person,
is all about.

Things start to surface,
your opinion will change.
And in your mind's eye,
your thoughts rearrange.

I took a step back,
and I looked at her good.
I saw things my mind's eye,
had misunderstood.

That she wasn't so pure,
so innocent or so nice.
And I had to step back,
and look at her twice.

I wonder at times,
if I was fair.
It's a picture that forms,
in your mind, when you care.

I saw what I wanted to,
and it carried a cost.
It's what I'll refer to,
as Innocence why do I love her?

Copyright 1998
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Life, it seems, is hard at times,
so many twists and turns.
The more one tries to figure it out,
the more one has to learn.

Once you think you're on your feet,
you think you have it all.
Life turns around and surprises you,
and causes you to fall.

You'd worked so hard to earn it,
you'd found your place in life.
Along comes something terrible,
and fills your world with strife.

The dreams you had, they disappear,
they all go up in smoke.
Life takes a turn, it takes a dive,
and turns into a joke.

The things you worked for are all gone,
they quickly fade away.
You wonder how it happened,
how can things be this way?

But still you slowly struggle,
you slowly work and plan.
Regardless of what life dishes out,
you do the best you can.

If there's a moral to this poem,
something to be learned.
It's life is what you make of it,
life is what you' with it.

Copyright 1998
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"A Life without Love"

She knows not how it feels,
to feel the way I do.
To feel the warmth true love can bring,
to a heart that's really true.

It's not her fault, she doesn't know,
she's been too long without.
Each word of love you say to her,
is viewed with heavy doubt.

Her heart has grown so callous,
from the anger and the pain.
You wonder if she'll ever,
be able to feel love again.

Love is very unselfish,
it asks for just one thing.
That you return what's given you,
and the happiness it brings.

Copyright 1998
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I look for her,
to touch her face.
My love for her,
is no disgrace.

I search my heart,
and find her there.
But I can't find her,

I think she loves me,
she's told me so.
I tried to forget her,
to let her go.

But she's deep in my heart,
inside of me.
I try to shake it,
to just let her be.

But she's always there,
where I can feel.
The hurt inside me,
that just won't heal.

I need to find her,
and bring her home.
So my wandering heart,
will no longer roam.

I have to find her,
and make her mine.
And then my heart,
will be just fine...I love her.

Copyright 1998
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"Lost Friend"

It's a terrible thing,
when you lose a friend.
You feel like your world,
has come to an end.

They'll turn their back,
and off they'll go.
You're wondering why,
but you don't really know.

You know that it's over,
things won't be the same.
For you it was real,
for them, just a game.

There's a point in time,
during which you mourn.
When you feel their wrath,
when you feel their scorn.

But then you think,
as they tear you apart.
Did they ever hold you,
dear to their heart?

It's doubtful they did,
some people don't feel.
When you realize that,
the wounds start to heal.

Then you get up,
and you slowly move on.
and you sadly realize,
that your friend is'll miss them.

Copyright 1998
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Love is what I offer you,
so innocent and pure.
The deepest feelings of my heart,
of that you can be sure.

It hurts to love,
this much is true.
And so my love,
I give to you.

These simple words,
to let you know.
How very much,
I love you so.

If we could simply,
learn to trust.
It's so important,
we know we must.

We love each other,
so very much.
We long for the feeling,
of each others touch.

To stop the hurting,
to stop the pain.,
No need for sorry,
no need to explain.

To do like we ought to,
to both be good.
And love each other,
like we should.

It doesn't have to,
be this way.
If we just keep loving,
every day...I love you.

Copyright 1998
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I looked to find her,
but she's not there.
I couldn't find her,

I stopped and ask,
my God above.
If He'd help me find,
my one true love.

He reached and touched me,
with His strong hand.
And said to look,
across the land.

To a place that's cold,
and far away.
That I would meet her,
one fine day.

He said to me,
in His deep, soft voice,
It was up to me,
that I had a choice.

I had to prove myself,
to her.
I had to do things,
to make it occur.

I had to show her,
how much I love.
So I smiled,
and thanked the Lord above.

And I stopped and thought,
about a way.
To meet my one true love, her I love her.

Copyright 1998
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"Minnesota Heart"

She knew that I loved her,
but she didn't care.
She told me she loved me,
but that I wasn't there.

She needed a man,
she could hold and could touch.
I wanted to be with her,
I loved her so much.

But things have a way,
of not working out.
The things that she did,
just filled me with doubt.

She claimed that she wanted me,
that she needed me there.
When the time came to go,
she appeared not to care.

To me, love's eternal,
to her, just a whim.
If she can't be with me,
she'll just be with him.

But it's not just the distance,
that keeps us apart.
It's that icy cold feel,
of her Minnesota heart.

Copyright 1999
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 "Misspoken Words"

Why do we say things,
that cause such pain?
What we feel is love,
and it's so hard to explain.

Why we get angry and lash out,
and try to cause hurt.
When you know in your heart,
you'd never desert.

And then you feel bad,
when you see them cry.
To say you don't love them,
would be such a lie.

The pain you caused them,
the words were untrue.
But how can you fix it?
So what do you do?

You tell them you're sorry,
for what you had said.
That you didn't mean it,
that you love them instead.

And hope they'll forgive you,
for what you have done.
For those misspoken words,
have hurt someone...and you love them.

Copyright 1998
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"The Night Sky"

As I lay and looked,
at the midnight sky.
I thought of you,
and wondered why.

If there really were,
a God above.
Won't he lead me,
to my one true love?

Could He be so cruel,
as to keep us apart?
Knowing how we feel,
what I hold in my heart?

I dreamt of the day,
when we finally touch.
I hold you so dear,
I love you so much.

I thought of the smile,
on that pretty face.
When first we do meet,
when first we embrace.

I thought of the feeling,
of your skin against mine.
When first we embrace,
when our bodies entwine.

I thought about love,
I thought about giving.
I thought about life,
I thought about living...and I loved you.

Copyright 1998
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"Our World"

As I sit and ponder,
this thing called life.
So full of problems,
so full of strife.

We live in a world,
so full of change.
At times it seems,
so very strange.

You wonder why,
this has to be.
But we helped with the change,
now didn't we?

We all have choices,
we have to make.
The different roads,
that we can take.

And all of us,
yes, you and me.
Can make this world,
what it ought to be.

So if we're smart,
and give it thought.
We'll make this world,
what we really ought.

And treat each other,
the same way.
And love each other,
every day.

And then the world,
will start anew.
If we all just do,
what we should do...think about it.

Copyright 1998
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"Partners in Love"

Love is such a simple thing,
it's mutual respect.
In order to get, you have to give,
or what can you expect?

It's being a team,
it's all about sharing.
It's all about friendship,
and mutual caring.

It's about putting her feelings,
in front of yours.
About forgetting your feelings,
and thinking of hers.

It's about crying,
when she hurts inside.
It's about feeling guilty,
when you know you've lied.

It's about simple pleasures,
you both can give.
The simple things,
that you need to live.

It's the look in her eyes,
when you've made her happy.
It's your gentle hug,
when you know she's unhappy.

It's all about devotion,
it's all about trust.
All about doing,
what you know you must.

To hold her close,
and keep her near.
To make her feel loved,
so she knows you're're partners in love.

Copyright 1998
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"The Passing"

Live is a very funny thing,
the way it all works out.
In order to have every lived,
someday we all check out.

Death is around the corner,
it sits so silent and waits.
Suddenly we find ourselves,
in front of the pearly gates.

It isn't so very bad for us,
it's bad for those we knew.
I think perhaps when we die,
our souls will start anew.

It's all a natural course of life,
the beginning and the end.
Death is not our enemy,
but instead it is our friend.

It's hard for those who see us go,
to see us pass away.
But I think we all must realize,
we all will have our day.

We all will meet our Maker,
our loving God above.
He'll take us gently unto him,
and show us all his love.

And then we'll wait in heaven,
our arms held open wide.
To greet the ones we love,
and take them all inside

Copyright 1998
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"Phantom Love"

Why does she do it?
I think no one knows.
So quickly she comes,
so quickly she goes.

It seems she operates,
on total impulse.
Her actions, it seems,
are designed to repulse.

One moment she's there,
professing her love.
The next she is gone,
she flies like a dove.

She'll say how she loves you,
how much she does care.
But she'll turn and she'll leave you,
so you'd better beware.

Her heart is so flighty,
and it strikes from above.
So how do you deal,
with your own phantom love? just do.

Copyright 1999
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She didn't care,
she wanted to play.
She'd say that she loved me,
but anyway...

"I've got a date,
with this guy I met.
You know that I love you,
so don't forget..."

"I might bed him down,
not that I don't care.
It's just I can't find you,

"I'll break all my dates,
but just for you, dear.
When will you see me,
when will you be here?"

I went out on my own,
and found my own toys.
And she was still running,
and chasing the boys.

She didn't love me,
and it didn't matter.
She's keeping score,
of the hearts she can shatter.

But she wonders why,
she hasn't met me.
Well, she's too unstable,
and it might never be.

If she'd just slow down
and quit fooling around.
Then maybe we'd reach,
some common ground.

She insists on playing,
and now so do I.
But it makes our love,
seem like such a lie.

I go and wander,
and I play the game.
But yet I still love her,
all the same...can't she be good?

Copyright 1998
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As I walked,
her tiny hand in mine.
I thought back,
to a simpler time.

When my girls were young,
and needed me.
But soon they grow,
and want to be free.

They seem to forget,
how much you meant.
All the time you gave them,
so well spent.

They live different lives,
they need to grow.
And all too soon,
you must let them go.

But she took me back,
to those long ago days.
With her tiny hand,
and her innocent ways.

But she can't really speak,
she don't really talk.
But she took me back,
with that one little walk...she's precious.

Copyright 1998
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"Right There"

I went through pain and heartache,
and now I wonder why.
The one I love tries to hurt me,
the one who loves me, close by.

She waited for me all this time,
but I didn't see her there.
I looked for love in an empty place,
and my true love didn't care.

My friends they tried to warn me,
but I didn't listen at all.
I did what I thought was best,
so they watched me stumble and fall.

I finally got the message,
that love's a two way street.
To love someone who doesn't love,
is a sure way to defeat.

Love's around the corner,
althought I'm not sure where.
But I'd hate to think I passed it by,
it having been, right there.

I'd thought I'd found the one for me,
and I thanked the Lord above.
But I guess He wasn't listening,
she'd not return my love.

She told me how she loved me,
then went with other men.
But she'd asked if I would come to her,
over and over again.

To me love is so different,
it's a need for one to commit.
For her it's just one little word,
a word she doesn't

Copyright 1998
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"The River"

When times are hard,
things are bothering me,
I go to my place,
where my mind can be free.

I go down to the river,
way after dark.
I go for a walk,
down into the park.

I think about how,
it could possibly be.
To be there all alone,
my Maggie and me.

I think of running,
my hands through her hair.
Of how it would be,
with us alone there.

Just us in the dark,
and the water below.
To hear the soft sounds,
of the rapids flow.

We'd talk in soft tones,
think aloud and we'd smile.
Alone in the dark,
we'd talk a long while.

Her arms wrapped around me,
her sweet soft voice.
That's were I would be,
if I had a choice...I love her.

Copyright 1998
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"Sad Song"

Sing me a sad song,
of love and despair.
Of how she left you,
just standing there.

A soft country song,
about your loss.
How she ripped out your heart,
and she gave it a toss.

Of how much you miss her,
and want her back.
How much of your world,
has turned suddenly black.

How much you want her,
and she's not there.
Of how much you love her,
and she doesn't care.

Sing me a sad song,
with a slow country beat.
About how your mistakes,
you'll not soon repeat.

Then sing about how,
it'll all be okay.
That she'll come back to you, love her.

Copyright 1998
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"Saturday Love Affair"

As I slowly approached her,
she looked so fair.
In her short, red skirt,
just standing there.

The beauty of her curves,
as she knelt there on the floor.
She was here to serve me,
she'd do a lot more.

I knew that she would purr at my stroke,
I knew she'd come alive.
And then with just a little luck,
this encounter we'd both survive.

As I gave her just a little tug,
I felt her heart warm up.
As I viewed the task before me,
I was not about to give up.

For with my little darlin',
I'd do the dirty deed.
She'd let me do just what I want,
fulfill my every need.

I knew just where the buttons were,
to bring her up to speed.
We'd done this many times before,
I know her well indeed.

And then a voice cried out to me,
it cried out from afar.
"When you're all done mowing the grass,
you might want to wash the car."

Copyright 1999
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"The Search"

I know she's out there somewhere,
we may have even met.
All I really know for sure,
is that I haven't found her yet.

I may have passed her on the street,
totally unaware.
She may live many miles away,
and not really know I care.

I wonder what color her hair is,
her eyes, are they brown or blue?
Can she feel me out there somewhere?
Does she know that my love is true?

Does she know that nothing else matters?
Not when true love's at stake.
It doesn't matter how big your house is,
or how much money you can make.

Happiness has its own value,
it's a treasure all its own.
It's the joy you feel from being loved,
and never having to be alone.

I hope someday I'll find her,
and she'll make my life complete.
Until that day I'll search for her,
and I'll love her when we meet.

Copyright 1999
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Our lives are the seasons,
as they come and go.
Nature has its reasons,
for making all this so.

The springtime of our lives,
we sprout and reach and grow.
Like flowers in the garden,
that break the earth and grow.

Summer soon it comes along,
it's time that we produce.
Like flowers in the garden,
our sun's rays growth induce.

And then our autumn comes along,
our lives begin to slow.
Like flowers in garden,
that slowly cease to grow.

Then our winter comes along,
and slowly we must go.
Like the flowers in the garden,
all covered with the snow...but that's life.

Copyright 1998
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Sex is the animal,
love is the man.
Sex is just something,
you get when you can.

Love is eternal,
sex just for now.
Love leaves you wondering,
why I feel like

How is it that,
I thrill at her touch?
Why does this person,
move me so much?

Love is the candle,
that lights the way.
Sex is the feeling,
that leads one astray.

Love is the feeling,
you hold in your heart.
The feeling of sorrow,
when you two are apart.

Sex is the loneliness,
when you are all done.
When you suddenly realize,
it was all just for fun.

I can't speak for you,
I can just speak for me.
Sex isn't everything,
it's cracked up to be

Copyright 1999
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"She Wolf"

She cares not for your feeling,
it really don't matter.
She knows what she wants,
she'll leave you in tatters.

She's no man's woman,
she just don't care.
She feels for herself,
so you had better beware.

She'll say that she loves you,
but she doesn't mean it.
You'll give her your heart,
and then she'll demean it.

To love, for her,
simply means to mate.
You might want to get out,
before it's too late.

She'll rip out your heart,
she'll toss it aside.
She cares little about,
what you feel inside.

Her heart is so cold,
as cold as ice.
But outwardly looking,
she can be so nice.

She'll turn on you,
with hardly a care.
You'll need her and look,
but she won't be there.

So why do you love her?
She runs with her pack.
And someday she'll run,
and she'll never be back...but you do love her.

Copyright 1998
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"Softly Swaying"

As I took her hand and we went to dance,
to the music soft and slow.
Her body felt so good with mine,
and that's all I needed to know.

I didn't question why she was there,
or why she was dancing with me.
I just that I was lucky,
as lucky as I could be.

I could almost feel her heart break,
as she pressed against my chest.
We softly swayed to the music,
as she lay her head to rest.

It's almost as I'd found my place,
that no longer I would roam.
That my life had come full circle,
and I had found myself a home.

But then the music ended,
the song, it had played through.
I didn't want to let her go,
but there was nothing I could do.

As she slowly slipped away from me,
as I gently let her go.
I wondered if she loved me,
if I would ever really know.

Copyright 1999
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I met a woman who cast a spell,
she made my life a living hell.
And then another came to me.
Could she be the one to set me free?

To break the spell that the other has cast,
to give something that just may last.
And make me whole, to heal my heart,
to put together what was torn apart.

To give me life, to put me together,
and help me through this storm I weather.
To reach inside me and pull me out,
Release the pain, take away the doubt...I really don't know.

Copyright 1998
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"The Sub"

Whip me and beat me,
and toss me aside.
I know in my heart,
from you I can't hide.

As you get on your leather,
your battle gear.
I know it's my screams,
you're wanting to hear.

And yes, it does hurt me,
there's alot of pain.
But you seem to enjoy it,
you can't refrain.

My heart aches inside,
from a lack of love.
But I'm weak inside,
you're standing above.

So I do as you tell me,
I must obey.
I guess for some reason,
I'm weak in that way.

For your are my master,
and I am you slave.
And your whip on my ass,
will make me behave.

You'll tie me down,
and you'll have your way.
But there is no love,
it's all gone away.

For a sadist are you,
and a masochist am I.
And for being with you,
I deserve to cry...I haven't a clue.

Copyright 1998
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(The Sub is dedicated to my friend, Joanie,
who was being lured into BDSM.  I was trying to
save her from herself and those who would
corrupt her mind.)


"Sweet Dreams"

As you lay your head on the pillow,
when you go to sleep tonite.
I hope you have only sweet dreams,
to get you through the night.

I know that life is hard sometimes,
and we take it with us to bed.
But I wish you only sweet dreams,
dancing softly in your head.

As you slide beneath the sheets so soft,
give a little smile for me.
Give a thought to when I come to you,
and how happy we will be.

Dream of us together in bed,
with your head upon my chest.
As I gently stroke your hair,
and hold you while you rest.

So when you go to sleep tonite,
think pleasant thoughts of me.
Dream the dreams we've shared,
of how wonderful life could be.

Copyright 1999
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"Take Heart"

Take heart, my love,
it's darkest before the light.
We all make mistakes,
but they can all be made right.

You're no different from the rest of us,
except that I'll be there.
To offer my best advice to you,
to show that I care.

I sit here on the sidelines,
and watch you make mistakes.
Wondering how to get through to you,
wondering what it takes.

But it's not my place to tell you,
how to act or what to do.
You need to stop and think it out,
and do what's best for you.

For like a child, you need to learn,
you need to stumble and fall.
I'll be there with my knowing smile,
to see you through it all.

I'll pick you up and dust you off,
get you right back on your feet.
Maybe when the smoke clears,
our hearts can finally meet...I love you.

Copyright 1999
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As I longingly wait,
for your warm embrace.
The touch of my hand,
upon your face.

As I patiently wait,
to hold you near.
The one whose love,
I hold so dear.

The touch of your hand,
as it's grasping mine.
The touch of your skin,
will be so fine.

The feel of your heart,
as it beats against me.
The knowing that you and I,
have become "We."

The knowing that we'll,
no more be apart.
I've finally touched you,
you've stolen my heart...I love you.

Copyright 1998
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"True Love"

To truly love someone,
is a special thing.
All the happiness,
and joy it brings.

But along with that,
comes alot of pain.
It hurts to love,
and it's hard to refrain.

I get really angry,
when you do something wrong.
And I worry and wonder,
if with you I belong.

I really don't know,
if  you know in your heart.
How badly it hurts me,
that we're so far apart.

It hurts me so much,
that I'm not by your side.
That deep in my heart,
only you can reside.

You mean so much,
when I'm not close to you.
I get so upset,
I don't know what to do.

You don't understand,
why I get this way.
The things that I do,
and the things that I say.

You think I don't love you,
but you're so very wrong.
You're deep in my thoughts,
all the day long.

I pray to God,
that someday you'll know.
That I really and truly
 DO love you so.

Copyright 1998
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You know how I care,
you know how I feel.
But it seems to you,
it's not a big deal.

You can't hear the cry,
that comes from within.
I did just like you do,
and you think it's a sin.

You shared yourself with others,
to you that didn't matter.
I shared myself with others,
so you tore our love to tatters.

You hit me with your "truths,"
oh God, did they hurt.
The pain caused my reaction,
now to you I was dirt.

I showed you my love,
the best that I could.
I did in in ways,
that you understood.

You read my words,
you laughed and you cried.
When I read your words,
I most usually died.

I'd write to you volumes,
you'd jot down a phrase.
Not a hell of alot,
got me through those dark days.

How far is the distance,
that keeps us apart?
It's the distance between,
our two broken hearts...miles and miles.

Copyright 1998
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"Turn Around"

Life seems to be going smoothly,
then you hit a bump in the road.
Instead of life being easy,
now you carry a heavy load.

The life you had has changed now,
it's time to start anew.
You have to make adjustments,
that's all that you can do.

Life was once so simple,
you thought you had it good.
But life is every changing,
that's what you misunderstood.

Copyright 1998
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"Turning Point"

There has to be a turning point,
to get our feelings straight.
We have to do it consciously,
before it is too late.

We can't look back,
can't dwell on the past.
We have to look forward,
for our love to last.

We need to forgive,
the things we've both done.
If we're to be together,
if we're to be as one.

We need to learn our lessons,
and learn how to forgive.
It's really so important,
if we want our love to live.

For nothing is impossible,
for those who really care.
If we love each other hard enough,
there's always something there.

Copyright 1999
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"Untamed Heart"

The love is there,
but you can't see it.
If you knew how I felt,
you would hardly believe it.

The feelings run deep,
and so very strong.
And I've felt like this,
for so very long.

But your eyes don't see,
and your ears don't hear.
Sometimes I wish
I could just draw you near.

And hold you and say,
"Just listen to me...
and I'll tell you how special,
love truly can be."

But there's just one thing,
that keeps us apart.
It's the wistful wanderings,
of your untamed heart...but I love you.

Copyright 1998
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We went to a place,
that we didn't know.
Because our country,
told us to go.

We were frightened young boys,
turned into men.
We were sent in there,
again and again.

Some of us were lucky,
some were not.
Some of us came home,
others were shot.

The sons of the people,
who sent us there.
They were home in their beds,
with nary a care.

They'd not give their kids,
to die in that war.
There were so many others,
so many more.

We came back to the world,
back to this place.
But we were not honored,
we were a disgrace.

We'd not lost the war,
but it was on us.
The pols had to sit there,
and talk and discuss.

They gave it away,
we should not have been there.
But were were just people,
why should they care?

This poem's for my "brothers,"
for all who have died.
And for those who came back,
and are now dead inside...for you brothers.

Copyright 1998
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The touch of her skin, like velvet,
and her lips so warm and fine.
I dream that my hand caresses her,
she's the vision in my mind.

I know I may never touch her,
we're so distant, so far apart.
But I keep the thought within me,
her vision in my heart.

I she a reality?
Or is she just a dream?
The thoughts I keep inside me,
could they be just what they seem?

The sweet, soft sound of her voice,
as it comes to me in the night.
Whispering softly in my ear,
that things will be alright.

I hope someday we'll touch,
and I'll hold her close to me.
And together we might find out,
how wonderful love can be.

Copyright 1999
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"Whispering Wind"

I sat and I listened to the whispering wind,
and I waited to hear her name.
But as it blew and the leaves rustled softly,
I knew things weren't the same.

For with the passage of time,
we had slowly drifted apart.
I knew that things had somehow changed,
I could feel it in my heart.

It's sad that we had to come to an end,
but I think that it's for the better.
She could have hurt me more deeply,
if only I would have let her.

I know that I may have lied to myself,
and maybe so had she.
It seems that there are things in life,
that just aren't meant to be.

As I sit here in the woods now,
with my back against this tree.
I wonder what the next name is,
that the wind will whisper to me...who knows.

Copyright 1999
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I wrote you a poem once,
you never did mention.
Of having received it,
or of its intention.

I hope you understand me,
it's something that I do.
No more than just a simple gift,
that I am sharing with you.

It lay very deep inside me,
for such a long , long time.
This gift I seem to have for a verse,
this gift I have for a rhyme.

It was so long forgotten,
so deeply in my past.
Now finally been released,
and I hope that it will last.

The words they come without price,
there's nothing for you to pay.
But you along with others,
helped show me the way...I love you.

Copyright 1998
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