~ darwin


is staring at me
from behind,
i can feel its presence,
its thoughts,
it's reading my mind.

is always there
and i turn to see,
i fill shaodows with light
but it stays out of sight.

breathes heavy down my neck
says things i cannot hear,
so close to my skin
it wants to come in.

is watching
and waiting patiently,
waiting to take control
to open the door
and steal my soul.

wants to wrap
around my brain
and nest in my thoughts
to latch on tight
and block out the light.

is always lingering
waiting for me to fall
looking for the weakness,
a hole in the wall.

so strong,
so full of ill will,
lives off of anger
won't die with a pill.

the doctors say,
will eat me away
will destroy me from within
if i refuse to give in.

they do not know,
has found a crack,
it's evil and angry
and ready to attack.

"yes doctor i know
it's time for my medication,
you should be rewarded
for such dedication.
come in,
have a seat,
i have something to show you

something...needs to eat.."