Green Slime Punch

Submitted by Martian263


1 gallon Green Hawaiian Punch
1 2 liter Sprite/7up/Sierra Mist (or my all time favorite, Mt Dew-really gives it a zing)
1 1/2 gallon Lime Sherbert

Pour Hawaiian Punch into punch bowl
Take lime sherbert, still frozen, scoop contents into punch bowl.
Let sit in fridge for about an hour letting sherbert melt.
Before serving add 2 liter to give it a kick and add fizz effect.
Sherbert will keep punch nice and cool during entire party and helps give the slime elusion. (Adult parties can add either Gin or Vodka to mix if desired)

*I have a really nice clear glass punch bowl that has a large lip base at the bottom that a few glowsticks fit quite nicely under, adding a few green glowsticks under the base makes the whole punch bowl glow green, adding to the effect of the punch that much more, so if you have a punch bowl that you can fit a glowstick or two under the base you may want to try this, I would not recommend actually putting the glowsticks in the punch, as I would assume the contents are probably toxic!