Chinese Slaw

Submitted by Starscr292


1 head cabbage, chopped or 1 large bag of cole slaw mix
1 bunch green onions, chopped
2 pkgs Oriental Ramen noodles, broken up
4 Tbl. sunflower seeds
1 small pkg. sliced almonds
3 Tbl. butter or margarine
4 Tbl. sugar
1 c. salad oil
1 tea. salt
1/2 tea. pepper
flavor packet from Oriental Ramen noodles

Combine slaw and onions.  Sautee butter, noodles, sunflower seeds and almonds until golden brown; cool.  Combine sugar, oil, salt, pepper and flavor packet until well blended.  Just before serving, mix all together.  Do not toss with the dressing until you are ready to serve of the salad will wilt.