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A collection of recipes from the MorningCrew/Over40 denizens & their friends


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This recipe website is dedicated to our MorningCrew/Over40 friend, 
Ol Lonesome Dave 

A man who was much loved and is well remembered.
A wonderful cook, some of his own recipes are within this site.
We know he's smiling down on us.




I refuse to believe that trading recipes is silly.  Tuna fish casserole is at least as real as corporate stock.  ~Barbara Grizzuti Harrison


Just follow the links for some of the best eatin' anywhere!


                                        Appetizers & Munchies  New recipe added 11/12/06

                                    Soups  New recipes added 10/21/08

                                       Salads  New recipe added 4/11/09

                                        Breads  New recipe added 12/20/10

                                        Main Dishes  New recipe added 6/17/09

                                                Veggies & Side Dishes   New recipe added 9/10/06

                                                 Pasta  New recipes added 1/5/06

                                                          Desserts    New recipe added 12/18/11

                                                     Beverages  New recipe added 12/23/16

                                                       Miscellaneous   New recipes added 6/11/06

                                                         Breakfast    New recipes added 11/29/06

Crock Pot Cooking  new recipe added 11/14/09


   Holiday Favorites!


Hot Fun In The Summertime
(4th of July)
(new recipes added 6/21/09)

...Give Me Something Good To Eat!
(new recipes added 10/24/08)

Gobble!  Gobble!
(new recipe added 11/6/08)

Visions Of Sugarplums
(new recipe added 11/20/05)

(new recipe added 9/6/05)

Be Mine! 
(Valentine's Day) 

'Cause I'm The Mom, That's Why
(Mother's Day)

Luck 'O The Irish! 
(St. Patrick's Day)









HISPANIC  (new recipe added 9/12/09)
(includes Cuban, Puerto Rican & Mexican)

ITALIAN (new recipe added 6/17/09)




Do you like to bake or make other tasty homemade treats?  Would you like to support our troops overseas by providing them with a taste of home?  Then you might want to consider joining the GALS at


  So is that expiration date on the yogurt carved in stone or is it a suggestion?  Is it okay to drink that juice past its sell-by date?  Here's the place to know what to keep and what to throw!


Measuring Equivalents chart (includes metric)  Click here to open the Measuring Equivalents window
just click the measuring cup


Is it midnight and you've discovered you're out of one ingredient?
That recipe may still be saved!
Go here and see if there's a food substitution!


Click here to go to Recipe Rescue page  Uh-oh!  In the middle of a recipe that looks like it's not working?  Click on our super hero and see if there's a rescue!


    Do your cookies look more like pancakes than cookies?  Need a chisel to get them off the baking sheet?  These and other cookie disasters are explained (as well as how to avoid them) here at Baking911.


   So how many cups of grated cheese are in a one-pound block?  If a recipe calls for three cups of cooked rice, how many cups of uncooked rice should I prepare?
Have more questions like these?  Click on the chef for food yield equivalences courtesy of New Mexico State University's Cooperative Extension Service.


And for my gluten-intolerant friends, this wonderful website has a BUNCH of tasty-sounding recipes just for you!  Just click the flapjack flapper.



Want to impress that certain someone with your knowledge of cheese?   Well, ok then....want to know which cheese best complements which wines or what cheeses are best for snacking, cooking or shredding?  Click the cheese for this info courtesy of and


  BEEF 101

Does the butcher's case sometimes confuse you?  Is it appropriate to cook a bottom round roast the same as a round tip roast?  Click here for a downloadable, printable "Beef Made Easy" chart from the National Cattlemen's Beef Association and the Beef Board that will help you with your beef selections! (This is a .pdf file and will require Adobe Reader to open.  If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer you can download it for free here.)



Planning a party?   Baking for a buffet?  You need BIG help!  This website has tons of recipes for large groups including links to places for specialty parties like clambakes and pig roasts.  Take the guesswork out of figuring out how many canapes you need for 500 guests or trying to decide on a menu that'll suit all your group.  Just click on our busy cooks!


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