Fried Plantains

Submitted by Arfito


3 nice big green plantains

Enough Oil to fry, I like Canola

Some salt to taste (I happen not to salt mine)

A big pot to fry

Either a tostonera which is a wood gizmo for the kitchen or my favorite a Starkist Tuna can.


1.   Make a slit in plantain. Peel off. Cut into two inch chunks.

2.   Fry the chunks halfway. Now I forgot the oil has to be very very hot before you do this or you will get oily, nasty plantains. So watch it and do not burn yourself.

3.   Take out the chunks. Put where you can smash them with the tuna can into discs.  (Starz note:  In my house, we flatten the plantains with a fork, like you do with peanut butter cookies) If you fried them halfway correctly it will be easy. If you are having a hard time smashing you did not do it right. Do it again.

4.   Take the discs and fry until golden brown. Salt lightly and I mean lightly.

5.   Eat before your family realizes they are very good and take them away from you.