Moors and Christians Rice
(aka Arfito's Rice)

Submitted by Arfito


I love to serve this with fried plantains and a good steak. The name comes from the Moors occupying Spain . So in the interest Elsa’s of peace this rice can be served Sundays to make family members nice to each other.


1 ½ cups dried black beans (The kind that is cheaper and healthier, Goya makes them but if you find another be my guest)

¼ cup olive oil which will be used for sautéing only

2 ½ cups white onions diced as small as you can

2 ½ cups green peppers, seeded and chopped as small as you can

1.      4 nice fat cloves of garlic (crush them with the knife, and cut them up a bit)

2.    3 taps of cumin

1 tsp of oregano

1 nice fat bay leaf (Sometimes I throw in two)

3 taps white vinegar

2 tablespoons of tomato paste (If you can find a Spaniard brand go for it)

2 tsp of salt

1/ tsp of white pepper

4 ½ chicken stocks or bouillon
3 c. uncooked, long grain white rice

If you are lucky enough to have a bit of leftover cubed ham or a bit of Spaniard Sausage you can also add it.




How to make it:

1.      Take a big pot. Cover the dried beans with water. Boil about 3 minutes. Drain and rinse with cold water.

Bring back to the pot. Cover with water and boil. At reduced heat cook for about 40 to 50 minutes.

2.    Rinse with cold water again. Yes I know what a pain. Set aside for a bit.

3.    Sauté the onion and green peppers in the olive oil (heat the oil first ok), add the garlic. Cook about two minutes.

4.    Low heat adds the rest of the ingredients except the rice and chicken stock.

5.  When you see a nice sauté, then transfer to a big pot with the chicken bouillon, add the rice and everything. Stir slowly, cover and cook until rice is fluffy. You can add that ham or sausage now. I have to make a big stink that if you add sausage it must be the Spaniard kind that comes in a can.

6. When your rice is fluffy, serve with fried plantains and the steak. Good stuff for a Sunday.