Quick 'n' Tasty Seafood Bisque

Submitted by Starscr292


2 cans cream of shrimp soup

2 cans cream of celery soup

1 can cream of potato soup

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1/2 stick of butter or margarine

3 soup cans milk

1 soup can half & half

white pepper to taste

Old Bay Seasoning to taste (start with 1/2 teas. and add more as desired)

1 lb. uncooked shrimp, any size, peeled and deveined (cooked shrimp can be used but be careful to not overcook them in soup)

1 lb. fake or real crabmeat


Melt butter in large pot, add other ingredients.  Heat gently until shrimp are cooked and soup is hot.  This recipe makes ALOT of soup.