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  Starz' Spooks 'n' Stuff - If it's Halloween it's in here!  Information, poetry, links, photos, stories and lots of other fun stuff for the aficionado of Halloween and its attendant spookery.  Family-friendly but not too sugary.  Read about Halloween's history, trick or treat safety, pumpkin carving, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, haunted places, witches, enjoy a page devoted to photographs and writings by my friends and "family by choice", plus lots and lots of links to other interesting paranormal-related websites.


Over 40 and Still Cookin' - Always on the lookout for new recipes?  We have everything from appetizers to desserts and lots of holiday-specific recipes!  Plus information on metric conversions, cuts of beef, types of cheeses, cooking for large groups and more.


 To Catch a Dream - My friend Steve's poetry page.  Works to make you think, smile and maybe even shed a tear over.


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